Our Company

Renaissance Development & Online Ventures is among the first financial services companies to offer financing to businesses based on the inherent and recognized value of premium domain names. Our vision is to innovate exciting new financial products and services designed to enable entrepreneurs to succeed with new business models.


RDOV’s services target two audiences:


Do you own a portfolio of Premium Domain Names?  Are you looking to start building a Premium Domain Name portfolio?

RDOV can help you by providing an infusion of asset-based, working capital into your business from a completely unexpected source: the premium domain names in your portfolio.  Leveraging this valuable source of capital enables you to reduce your time to market without encumbering personal or other assets your company needs to grow. Instead, you can use that capital to acquire additional, strategic domains, or to re-invest in the properties you currently own.  Just as important, you’ve gained a partner with a unique understanding of Internet businesses.


Are you starting a new business and need to purchase the ideal domain name?

RDOV can finance the domain or domains you need to get your new business off the ground quickly and successfully. RDOV will let you free up working capital your business needs to become a profitable operation. This ready source of capital reduces time-to-market while it lessens potential interference from traditional funding sources. You can use that capital to acquire additional, strategic domains while you gain a partner with a unique understanding of business.



For all inquiries please email Info@rdov.com.